How do we film on the day?

Even that Layout of the Wedding day is similar to each other, they might be very different in general.


After introducing myself to a wedding party, we usually start with an exterior of Location. we will use the drone if location and weather suitable and then will take a few shots of details like dress, shoes etc. After that, we go with the flow, do what you doing and try not to mind us. We love capture dialogues between people, moments, smiles and laughs.

We are trying to leave as soon as the Bride in her dress (ideally arrive at ceremony location 20 minutes before it starts). Due to the nature of the event, this sometimes not possible. We have to setup a few things at Ceremony location which may require us to leave a little bit earlier.


Before the ceremony, the main focus for us is setup of Audio equipment to be able to capture clear sounds of readings, reflections and vows. Most important audio source for us is Audio recorder and small microphone on the groom. If the groom refuses by any reason put the microphone and recorder on, we can`t guarantee good quality audio during the vows. We do not record ceremony music.

We film entrance, lighting of the candles, readings, reflections, prayers of the faithful, the vows, and other moments of the ceremony.

We do NOT film Communion in full, just couple of moments to include in to the edit.

Sometimes priest might be very strict what to film and where is it filmed from. If Priest will tell us to stay the whole ceremony at the back of the church, we will have to comply. We highly recommend you to check with your priest in advance if Videographer & Photographer are allowed to do their job freely. We are very respectful to the church, we stay discreet with minimal movement during the Ceremony.

We do NOT film greeting line in full.

Couple shoot.

Just relax, and enjoy the moment. We might ask you a few things, but in general, we trying to be discreet. If we have time and location suitable, we are offering to use the drone during the couple shoot as well.


We want to capture the venue, reception area, details, and people. We trying our best to capture faces and true happy emotions of your guests. We trying to focus on your guests, but we can be only in one place at the time. Due to the nature of the Wedding event, it can`t be guaranteed that every guest of your Wedding will get in the final Wedding film.


We film speeches in full.


We film First dance in full. After First dance we staying for 3 - 5 songs, we are leaving when we feel that we have enough content to work with. Usually we edit all dances into 3 to 7 minutes of fun sequence at the end of your Documentary film.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests. We understand that some of the day events might be different. Please let us know if you have anything special organized on the day, if we were not told that you have “Fire Works” - there is a chance we might miss it and it won`t be included in the final edit.